From v.1.1.6 of MESH you are able to play SoundCloud tracks directly in the theme's player. 

Let me show you what are the steps you will need to follow. 

1. Create a SoundCloud APP and get your Client ID

Go to http://soundcloud.com/you/apps and click on 'Register a new application'http://stylishtheme.d.pr/1hZSI

You just need to give your app a name and you are done (click register). On the next page you will have the Client ID. Copy it and keep it safe. We will need it.

2. Paste the Client ID in MESH Options -> Audio Players -> Soundcloud http://stylishtheme.d.pr/1ejmF

3. Create a new album, and add a track. On the external track url field ( http://stylishtheme.d.pr/16r0l ) add the track url from soundcloud which needs to look like this one: https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/265030621

To get the track url in this format, from SoundCloud, you need to go to your wanted soundcloud track page, click Share, click Embed and select the 'WordPress code' checkbox. Then you will see the url as in this image http://stylishtheme.d.pr/1hkic

PS: Remember: if you place the track in other formats than this one, it may not work on the website.

PSS: The tracks from SoundCloud won't get the track duration so you will need to add it yourself if you want it to appear in the players. :(

This is all. If you did everything above you should be able to play the track now on your website with MESH.