Today we'll learn how to create a fullwidth section with parallax image and overlay in MESH. 

Create a new page from your WP Dashboard ( Pages -> Add new ) and set the page template to Visual Composer Page ( Now let's switch the page to Backend Editor and add a new ROW which will look something like this (without the widget inside it).

Now you can click on the little pencil on the top-right of it and get to the row settings. Here you need to select 'Stretch row' option on the first dropdown, on Parallax select 'simple' and then add an image, and really important, if you want an overlay over the image & parallax you will need to add these 2 classes into the Extra class field: with-overlay section-padding. If you add these 2 classes an overlay will appear automatically over the parallax section. 

Also, from version 2.0.0 you can add a new class on this sections: inverted-section-text-color which will revert the text color for that section depending on the version of the layout you are using. For example if you are using the light layout and you want to add a dark section with light text you will need to use this class.