1.  Create a new album (WP Dashboard -> Albums -> Add New).

  2.  Fill all the data needed (title, description, etc) except the album tracks section.

  3.  Instead of using this album as a music album, we'll use it as a radio station (you don't have to do nothing on this step).

  4.  On the album tracks we'll use only one single track. You can use the name and the author to display the name of your radio station. Now you need to fill just one more field from there: 'Song External URL / Radio Stream URL'. Here you need to place your Shoutcast or Icecast stream URL. 

  5.  For Shoutcast it's important to remember to add a /;stream/1 at the end of the stream url because otherwise it may not work. So your radio stream url should look something like this http://stream.radiozu.ro:8020/;stream/1. 

  6.  You should have something like this:

  7. If you want your current playing track to be displayed in the footer player, you need to set the "ShoutCast V1 host and port" field with your host and port. For the example above you would fill the field with stream.radiozu.ro:8020. Remember that this is working only for ShoutCast v1 at the moment.

  8. Save or Publish the album. 

  9. To make this album featured in the Footer Player you need to go to MESH Options -> Audio Players -> Footer Player and select the Default Album as the album you just created above. Here you can set if you want the radio to play automatically when the website is loaded (remember that the autoplay function it's automatically stopped from working on mobiles so it won't hurt your speed on mobiles). 

That should be all. If you have any troubles don't hesitate to open a ticket.